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2018 CWATS Celebration

Walk or ride your bike to celebrate 5 years of CWATS at a community event near you.

2018 CWATS Design-a Bike-Rack Contest! 

The County of Essex in collaboration with County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS) is continuously working to build bike lanes and paths to encourage residents (students) to walk or bike to their destination (school). An important feature to encourage active transportation is to provide safe and accessible bicycle parking.

We are in the concept phase of designing a bike rack to support CWATS and need your help to develop a new, stylish, and efficient bike rack. We would like to invite students from grades 6-8, who attend the 2018 CWATS celebrations, to participate in a ‘Design a Bike Rack’ Contest. If the winning design is submitted from a student at your school, the County of Essex will provide that school with a new bike rack. As an added bonus, the student who designs the best bike rack will win a new bike from Ambassador Bikes!

Find out more by reading our Frequently Asked Questions or submit your application.


Results of the 2017 CWATS Public Opinion Survey are in.......

To understand the public understanding of the County Wide Active Transportation Systeam (CWATS), and the general attitudes and opinions of walking and cycling, an on-line survey was conducted from October 4 to November 3, 2017.

The survey generated great interest around Essex County with a 54% increased response rate from 2013. The majority are pleased with the progress to date and strongly support continued municipal investment in infrastructure (84%), end use facilities (69%) and maintenance of AT facilities (78%).

Thank you to all who took part in the survey. A special thanks to our WECHU partner to assist with the interpretation of the results. 



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