Project Highlights

Proposed, Existing & Planned Facilities around Essex County

Facility Types

Master Plan (as updated)

Built to Date

Planned for 2018

Bike Lane

19 km

2.9 km


Context Sensitive 

15 km

3.2 km

3.2 km

Multi-Use Trail or Cycle Path

197 km

27.4 km

3.1 km

Paved Shoulder

262 km

70.6 km

12.0 km

Signed Route

300 km

238.1 km



 793 km

 342.2 km

18.3 km 

NOTE: Detailed Design Projects Planned for various County Roads in 2018= 5.3 km

Celebrating 150 km of Trails for Canada's 150th Birthday

Some might say "the stars have aligned" in 2017! Through CWATS, our region is playing a key role in Canada's 150th celebration. In 2017, approximately 150 km of trail will have been built, connecting all eight communities across our region to the Trans Canada Trail (TCT), also known as The Great Trail. This cross-Canada trail system will connect Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Map of 150 km of The Great Trail in Windsor-Essex for Canada 150Consider joining this 150th celebration by exploring this trail system entirely, or in bits and pieces. After all, with a national asset like this in your backyard, the opportunities to discover our region are endless. Inspire others by sharing your trail travels on our CWATS Facebook page.