Kingsville Paths and Trails

Town of Kingsville LogoTown of Kingsville has many paths and trails throughout the area, both on and off road. CWATS plans on connecting their paths and trails to these ones already in the town to give people more active transportation options of places to explore. In Kingsville the Waterfront Trail joins the Chrysler Greenway for a short while. The Chrysler Greenway is a converted rail-trail with a crushed limestone surface, and along it you will find the restored Kingsville Train Station - now a delightful restaurant with patio seating.

CWATS is making trails/paths in Kingsville to help connect the town to the rest of Essex County. Kingsville has an interactive map, which shows the local paths and trails and also shows the places that are located around the area. This map will let you see where you want to go, so you can plan out your route before you leave.Chrysler Canada Greenway Trail in Kingsville

Things to do in Kingsville: