Walk And Ride

County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS) is enabling people to "Walk, Ride, County Wide," which is the beginning to making a healthier and active Essex County. CWATS paths/trails are for everyone to use, whether they are biking, walking, or doing some sort of self-propelled exercise it is getting people, family and friends to where they need to go in a healthy and efficient way.

Need some inspiration to start to Walk or Ride?! These new and exciting CWATS ads highlight the different facility types recently built right here in the County of Essex. 

CWATS AD 1      CWATS AD 2         CWATS AD 3


Active transportation has many benefits for people of all ages. Getting started is easy, there just 8 simple steps you need to follow.

Equipment and services includes the equipment needed for biking and walking, also the maintenance of a bike and the locations to buy equipment around Windsor and Essex County.Chrysler Canada Greenway in Kingsville

Etiquette and staying safe are very important when riding on the CWATS paths/trails. You need to make sure you are riding or walking on the paths correctly and paying attention to the surroundings and the people around you. Three things you need to do while staying safe on the path/trail are be alert, wary, and seen.

When you're biking across Essex County on the CWATS paths/trails you might see different types of bikeways and pathways and also CWATS signage. Make sure you're familiar with the different types of signage and also the bikeways and pathways, so you know what to do when you approach them.