Biking Equipment And Services

Equipment:Bike with helmet

  • Bike
  • Helmet: must meet safety standards (Snell, CSA, ANSI, ASTM, BSI, SAA, CPSC)
  • White front light and red rear light
  • White reflective tape on front and red reflective tape on rear
  • Bell or horn
  • Bike lock
Optional equipment:




  • Chain guardsBottle cage for water bottle
  • Fenders/mug guards
  • Gloves
  • Skirt guards
  • Water bottle cage


  • KickstandBike kickstand


  • Basic tool kitBike lock
  • Lock
  • Mirror
  • Non-slip shoes or pedals
  • Reflective material
  • Water bottle

Transporting items

  • BasketBike Basket
  • Panniers
  • Racks

Bike safety check

ABC quick check:

  • A is for air, check to make sure:

    • Tires have enough air
    • Tires aren't worn or damaged and have no holes
  • B is for brakes, check to make sure:

    • Both brakes are working
    • The brake pads grab the rim effectively
    • Brake levelers are two fingers width from handlebars when pulled
    • Handlebar aren't loose, either from side to side or up and down
  • C is for chain and cranks, check to make sure:

    • The chain is on properly and lubricated and no damage
    • Pedals spin freely forwards and backwards
  • Quick is for quick release

    • If your bike has quick release wheels, grab and shake the wheels to make sure they are not loose
    • Quick release handle should be firmly closed and pointed toward rear of bike
  • Check is for final check

    • Lift the bike several inches off the ground and drop it, listen for loose parts, tighten as necessary
    • Try your brakes before you ride


If you ever have a problem while biking, CAA bike assist can help you. They even have an app to download on your phone for easy access.

Bicycle and repair shops:

Store Name

Phone and/or Email


Ambassador Bicycles


1932 Ambassador Dr.

Windsor, ON

Bicycle World


1267 Grand Marais W.

Windsor, ON

City Cyclery


533 Lincoln Rd.

Windsor, ON

Courtesy Bicycles


3154 Sandwich St. W.

Windsor, ON

Cycle Culture


12222 Tecumseh Rd. E. Unit No. 101

Tecumseh, ON

J&R Sports Connection


8418 Wyandotte St. E.

Windsor, ON