CWATS Signage

These are the signs that you will be seeing when you explore the CWATS paths and trails.

Wayfinding Signs:

Sign Name


CWATS sign

CWATS sign

CWATS route

CWATS Route sign

Waterfront Trail sign

Waterfront Trail logo

Trans Canada Trail

Trans Canada Trail Sign


On road cycling signs:

Sign Name


Bicycle route marker sign

Bike Route Sign

Turning vehicles yield to bikes

Turning Vehicle Yield sign

Turning vehicles yield to bikes and pedestrians

Turning Vehicle Yield sign

Reserved bicycle lane

Bike lane signage

Reserved bicycle lane ends

Bike lane ends signage


Off road cycling signs:

Sign Name


Shared pathway

Shared pathway signage

Bicycles are allowed

Bicycles allowed sign

No bicycles are allowed

Bicycles not allowed sign


Warning Signs:

Sign Name


Share the road

Share the road sign

Bicycle crossing ahead

Bicycle crossing ahead sign

Pedestrian crossing ahead

Pedestrian crossing ahead sign