Ontario By Bike

Ontario By Bike Sign If you are going through Ontario on a multi-day bike ride, or just a one-day outing, Ontario By Bike will help you.

Ontario By Bike is an interactive website because by looking at the map you can see where you are or where you are heading and see the locations that are nearby. It will show you all the bike friendly places to visit, eat and sleep along your journey through Ontario.

Ontario By Bike also shows the featured cycling places in Ontario, and explains the different paths and trails and the places you should go when you're around that area. It shows the links to trail guides and other information that might be of interest.

How to Become Bike Friendly?

They have 2-hour workshops to show people how to become bike friendly, destination development, who cycle tourists are and more.

To become bike friendly there is minimum requirement that must be met. These requirements vary from the different types of places.

Places that can be bike friendly include:

  • Accommodations
  • Campgrounds
  • Food Services
  • Tourist attractions
  • Business areas

When you are bike friendly, some additional services you need to do are:

  • Display the Ontario By Bike Network decal; and
  • Make sure all frontline staff is informed of participation in Ontario By Bike Network.