Types of Bikeways and Pathways


The bikeways and pathways that CWATS has and is developing across Essex County consist of:




One-way Cycle Path

A path for cyclists and walkers that is 1.5 m wide on each side of the road. (Can be green in colour as well.)

 One-way cycle path

Two-way Cycle Path

A two-way cycle path is two 1.5m wide paths that support opposing directions of bicycle traffic. It is striped onto the roadway next to other travel lanes and separated by a buffer (e.g., 1m of paint, flex bollard, planter). Click the link on the left to learn more about a two-way Cycle Path.

Two-way cycle path

Paved Shoulder

An asphalt lane for bicycles, which is a minimum of 1.2 m wide (desired width 1.8m)

Paved shoulder on County Road 7

Buffered Paved Shoulders

An asphalt paved shoulder for cyclists, with a 0.3m-1.0m buffer between them and the motorized traffic.

Buffer paved shoulder

Multi-use Trail

An asphalt or gravel trail for active transportation and it is a minimum of 3 m wide.

Multi use trail

Signed Route

Unless cycling is restricted, all roads are designed so both motorists and cyclists share and travel in the same lanes. Some roads have "CWATS Route" wayfinding signs to guide people on the CWATS network.

 Signed Route