Walking Equipment And Services


  • Walking shoes
Optional equipment:



Walking polesNordic Walking Poles

  • Walking for exercise
  • Mostly flat or gentle rolling hills
  • Increases balance
  • Increases your exercise

Trekking polesNordic Trekking Poles

  • Hiking
  • Variety of terrain including mountains and hills
  • Provides optimal performance
  • Increases balance
  • Rubber tips enable users to walk indoors or on pavement

Step counters/ PedometersPedometer

  • Measures how many steps you take during your walk
  • Converts the number of steps you take to a rough distance of how far you travelled

Heart rate monitorHeart Rate Monitor

  • Measures your heart rate level as you walk
  • Measures exertion level

IPod/mp3 playeriPod

  • Motivates you and energizes your workout
  • Don’t listen to it too loud, make sure you can hear what’s around you

Fanny packBlack Fanny pack

  • Carries your stuff, so you aren’t carrying in your hands the whole time
  • Stores water bottle, Kleenex, Band-Aids, snack, music, pedometers, heart rate monitor, and more.