What is Active Transportation

Active transportation is all about getting around using human power. It’s “self-propelled” transportation like: bicycling, walking or running, in-line skating or skateboarding, skiing or snowshoeing, or even getting around with a non-mechanized wheelchair. Recreation or fitness is a primary motivator for cycling with almost 78% of respondents from 2013 survey indicating that it motivates them at least sometimes to use the active transportation system.

The following three improvements were selected as the most important by respondents from the 2013 survey for encouraging active transportation use in the county:Bikers riding on a bridge, over River Canard

  • More on-road cycling routes
  • More recreational multi-use hiking and cycling trails
  • Better connections to key destinations

Currently only 4.8% of people from the 2013 survey  are walking or cycling as their primary mode of transportation. Building more paths and trails in the County of Essex will enable people to “Walk, Ride, County Wide” to places that they need to go like school, work, stores, etc.

Benefits of active transportation